The Question On Everyone’s Lips

So it has come to my attention that people may be wondering why I have decided to take a gap year. It took me a while to come to the decision. I applied through UCAS last year, got my application in way, way, WAY before the deadline and my selected Universities had made their offers before Christmas. It was then I decided to go round to the universities again and decide which one I should choose first as which I should choose as my insurance.

This is when it all became a bit farcical.

My mother is an avid collector of Bargain Emails from such sites as Groupon, Travel Zoo, Discount Vounchers and WOWcher (need the list go on?), and so when she saw a dinner and a bottle of wine, bed and breakfast at the Metropole Hotel in Blackpool, right next to the university, she could hardly turn it down. We booked the day of work/college and drove down to Blackpool from Telford.

map    This is how far we had to travel

The open evening didn’t start until 6.00pm and we arrived at the hotel with plenty of time at 2.00pm, we had lunch on the peir (fish and chips obviously) and then got ready to go to the university, ringing a taxi company in the foyer of the hotel. This is where we hit a glitch… we didn’t exactly know where the univeristy was, and neither did the taxi company. But “luckily” a man in the foyer was kind enough to point out he knew where it was.

“The Blackpool and Fylde College is on Ashfield Road, how ridiculous that a Taxi Company doesn’t know that!”

So Mother relayed the information to the taxi company and he assured us he would pick us up at half past five so we could get a cup of tea there first, if we were early and would be on time if we got stuck in traffic. So we got there and fill in all these forms, go and speak to the woman who runs the courses and lo and behold, we’re in the wrong building. We are in the College for 16+ the University is on the other side of the train station. So we ring up another taxi company and get to the actual university, and it is beautiful. I fell in love completely and realised that this is where I wanted to go.

And unfortunately, the day we were supposed to go Aberystwyth University, was the snow day and all the trains were cancelled, and I couldn’t book the time off work to get to the other places as they were on Saturdays, which is the day I work. And so, I took it as a sign that fate and providence either wanted me to go Blackpool Univeristy or not at all.

And so the main reasons that I chose not to go:

  • I had this awful feeling that I wouldn’t get the grades to go to University, and so I began to think about what I would do if I didn’t get in
  • I was afraid to move out of my family home and live so far away. I need to teach my mother how to use Skype before I leave, so I can talk to her every day
  • The Gods was against me going any other place closer to home
  • I’m poor at the minute and I would need to rent an apartment there or very close to the university which could cost me quite a bit of money
  • I need to find a job there, because the course I want to do is squashed into two full days which would give me a lot of time to work AND time to do my assignments
  • Because of the many two pence machines I need to start a piggy bank full of the large copper coins so I can win all my money back over the year!
  • I have recently had a family emergency that is still in progress and would like to see the end of it before I move away

Happy Reading


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