Winter is Coming


Okay, so I don’t know about you guys, but me, I don’t do the cold well. In fact last night was one of the coldest nights I have encountered this side of June so far, and so again I couldn’t sleep. I’ll give you an indication of how I can’t deal with cold.

1. I was wearing my PRIMARK onesie, over my pajamas, under my big hoody
2. My toes felt like ice blocks, and are in thermal socks and slipper booties
3. I’m in bed
4. I had my electric blanket on as well
5. I’m still shivering

The fact I suffer from severe insomnia is not a good thing either. Because the more I try and get comfortable, the more I move and henceforth the more cold air gets into my bed, making me cold. So last night I was forced to find one position and try as hard as I could to fall asleep in that position. Not very easy.

I went to T in the Park on Saturday (7th Sept) to see McFly. I knew i was going to be out well into the night and so I wore:
•a vest, 
•McFly t-shirt,
•a hoody
•a rain coat,
•thermal socks
•and boots

I don’t think I need to mention that I was the laughing stock of my friend group, but hey I was warm, just about.

I’m lying, I was freezing.

I didn’t actually get properly warm until my shower two days later, and now I am cold again! Great, its that time of year folks when we have to dust off our winter coats, shake off our woolly hats and pull the scarf out of the back of the wardrobe. Unfortunately with this season, this is how I aim to look:

how I think I look

And this is how I actually look: 

how I actually look


Happy Reading


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