“For the Record My Hair Is Naturally Blonde”


As you can probably guess, I’ve been to see the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. And originally, I was unsure with the casting choice of Jace. As much as I love Jamie Campbell Bower in other films, such as the Twilight Saga, Anonymous, Sweeney Todd and not to mention the Channel 4 Series Camelot, I couldn’t really see him as Jace Wayland. Perhaps it was because I’d seen him in all of these different roles that I couldn’t see him as the wickedly sarcastic, utterly infuriating, not to mention sexy Shadow Hunter:

“…whose hair gleamed like brass in the dim light coming through the windows high above” – Cassandra Clare


So this is how I imagined Jace to look when I was reading the book.  Blonde hair, holds himself in a mysterious manner, indescribably sexy. But when I head that Jamie Campbell Bower was playing, all I thought of was:

jace wayland

Not Jace.

But I was happily surprised how well he stepped into the role. In fact I was so surprised by how well he played him, I think its safe to say that my One-Sided-Romance with him has been rekindled. The love affair first began, I’m not ashamed to say, back when Sweeney Todd came out on DVD, and JCB was introduced to our screens. I did go off him a little during his time as Casius in Twilight, but he regained my favour again during Anonymous.

I must admit that boy swings his swords rather well.

I’m not going to lie to you. The Mortal Instruments poster is the background of my laptop.

Happy Reading


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