“Just Imagine The Interviewers in Their Underwear”

This seems to be the main thing that people say when you say your worried about an interview. But what i say to that is why? Why would imagining someone in their underwear make you feel less nervous? If anything it would make me self-conscious because I would compare their imagined body to my real one. Besides, what if there was a really hot guy interviewing you? I for one would be day-dreaming about that hidden body.

So anyway, my interview.

I’d made notes so I’d remember what to say. I remembered everything except for my strengths. How is that going to make me look? Like a fool, I’d say.

Now I’m sitting in a college canteen, stood up by my own father who told me, he’d meet me under the big telly. So I was waiting, he appeared give me £2 and then ran off. Its now quarter to 12 and I’m about to be swamped by teenage college students. But I couldn’t find a lid to my coffee cup and when I tried to drink from it, I burnt my tongue 😦

I’m surrounded by chavvy boys that jeep laughing t the undernourished children in third world countries, I need a wee but still have a whole cup of coffee left. And i don’t even know if I have enough money to get home on the bus.

Life couldn’t really get much worse at the minute.

Happy Reading


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