Just A Couple of Things

Okay then guys. I’m afraid i haven’t managed to complete the challenege for this week and unlikely to. This is mainly due to a couple of bits of news/information.

Number one: I HAVE BEEN OFFERED A JOB!! I’m really excited about this. Its a business admin role within a leading college where I live and I’d be doing all sorts of different things. Like putting together registers, booking and setting up pool cars for my department ringing up students and all that jazz.

How the job found me is another story in its self. i was sat on the bus on Wednesday afternoon and had a phone call from the job team at the college telling me there was a brand new job, that I would be perfect for. There was no job description and the mam could only meet me the next day at 11. So of course I said, I’ll be there. So Thursday morning rolled around (the day I would usually do most of my reading) and I got up, had a shower an got ready.
I then went in to the interview and told them all about me and my work at a little store called Primark and how I’d be an asset to their team. It went well and less than two hours later I had a phone call to say O’d been offered the job would i accept. So of course I did!

Which brings me on to my second piece of news. I’d rang my sister-in-law to tell her that i had been successful at my interview and she was complaining of stomach aches. Then later on I had a phone call from my brother saying that he had had to take her into hospital because her pains were getting worse. Then I had another call about 4 in the morning to say that my sister in law was in labour! Then at 8.30 we were told it would only be a couple more hours until the baby was here. So my mother and I bombed it up to the hospital and got there just after 9.

And at 12.50 on the 18th October 2013, Baby Edward was born at 4lb 12 and he was taken to ICU because he was 8 weeks early.

The last couple of days have been manic because he hasn’t been very well. He’s had a chest infection and been on 90% oxygen. But yesterday he was showing very much improvement. They’ve lowered his oxygen to 20% and taken him off his morphine and the drug that knocks him out and hoping to start him on food today.

I’m sure though that my brother, sister-in-law and new baby nephew could do with your thoughts and prayers and please can you keep all fingers and toes crossed for then.

Happy Reading


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