Its been a long couple of weeks….

Okay, so again I owe you an apology. Its been almost three weeks since I’ve last posted, and I’m sorry for that. Its just when ever something happens in my life, everything else happens at the same time.

I’vs started my job, I absolutely love it. I’ve got a really nice boss, who calls everyone “Chuck” (a term of endearment here) and my other boss says she is over the moon that I’m working with her. She’s making a list of all the things I’ve done so I can write about it in my NVQ. I’m working in the business Admin sector and…. I have my own phone on my desk!

“Hello, Telford College, Kate speaking”

My nephew is out of hospital (thanks for your thoughts) he’s home, still absolutely tiny, but he’s safe. Its frightening how much he looks like my brother when he was a baby! I’ve had a little munch, but not a big one as she was wrapped in blankets and I couldn’t really get to him to munch. But he is a right little fidget. Always stretching and he tries to kick off his little booties. I think he likes to have his toes free. He is absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to spoil him rotten as he grows up.  I’ll be the aunt he comes to when he wants a bit of awesome 😉

As you now, I didn’t manage to finish my book challenge, but I’m reading something else now ‘The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul’. So far its absolutely amazing! It’s reminiscent of ‘A Thousand Splendid Sun’s’ by Khaled Hussaini, but instead of two women affected by one husband, its five women who are all affected by Kabul itself. At the minute I’m relating very well with Isabel, the English Journalist writing a story on the double standards of women in the country. But I can also relate to Sunny, the owner of the shop, who remains confident that no matter the circumstances in which her coffee Shop stands, it will survive anything.

I have also been alerted to ‘Attachments’ by my friend which apparently is based on our lives. I will read it and let you know.

Happy Reading


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