Life Scouts

Anyone ever heard of Life Scout Badges?

Basically, Alex Day of Youtube, invented them as a way to get people doing things and connecting with people all around the globe. They are basic things that must be on everyone’s list of Things to Do before they die, hence the term Life Scouts. So I thought, why not get in on all the hype, even though I’m about a year behind.  So without further ado the badges I have collected my self.


Swimming:- I know, this is a pretty obvious one. Who hasn’t been swimming, everyone at my school was forced to do it for PE. But I absolutely loved swimming and I used to compete in the school gala, and in my swimming club gala. Yes. I was part of “Swimming Club”. I don’t have much time to swim anymore, but I’m going to try.


Big Ben:- This I saw when I fifteen, we were doing Politics in Citizenship and a chance arose to go to the houses of parliament, so of course I went. Mainly because it was a day out in London and not in school! But when we got there, it just happened to be a major discussion in the house of Lords, and who did we see in his freshly pressed red cape? Only Lord Sugar! By the time we had come out of the houses, it was the hour. We all stood underneath the clock seeing who could last the longest without covering their ears!


Vocalist:-  This to me means singer. During my school years, I was part of the school choir. It was free to join and we sang all these different songs, some which had been arranged by students themselves. And we ventured out to all different places and set up concerts to raise money for our end of term jolly, which was in a European country. So I can officially say I have been a ‘Vocalist’ in Germany, Spain, Holland and Italy.

Rode a Horse:- You may have already read this story if you are followers of Zany Monologues Image. Basically when we were 10 I’d invited my best friend to come and spend the Easter Holidays with us and my Mum’s best friend in Wales in a cottage. One of the outings my parents set up was a pony trek through the Welsh countriside. Me and my best friend of course wanted to stick together and we were told ‘The horse will Follow the Bum In Front!’ but for some reason, my best friend’s horse wandered off into a field, and of course, my horse followed. Then my friends horse left the field. And my horse stayed. Refused to budge. I was stood there for nearly ten minutes before they could coax it to move. I still remember the horse’s name “Rico“. We were friends by the end of the trek though.


Held a Snake:- Not alot of people know this, but yes, I have held a snake. I’ve also had it on my shoulders, and it was a very heavy snake let me tell you that. My Mum used to run a Youth Club, where kids and teenagers could go after school and do activities before their parents got home, or just to socialize. So one day she’d booked the Animal Man to come in and show the kids some cool things, and she had picked me up from school and bought me to her place of work to see it. The Animal Man had bought a Boa Constrictor, and when all the other kids had gone it was up to me and my Mum (who had a mysterious phone call just as he suggested the snake) to help put the animals away. So while he got the cage ready, he put the snake on my shoulders. She wound herself around my arm and was sniffing me with her tongue. She was very heavy, as I have pointed out before. She felt like four bags of flour on my shoulders! But it was a wonderful thing and I remember being really excited by it.


Guitar:-  I was bought my first guitar when I was Fourteen years old. When I was fifteen, my parents payed for me to have lessons within the school. So I learned how to read tab and how to play chords, and did by Debut Grade Exam, and then it was time for me to leave school. My music teacher taught me the basics of how to read music and then I pretty much taught myself. Not that I’m boasting or anything. If I hadn’t have had lessons, I don’t think I would be as confident with it as I am now.


Photography:-  This actually came to me while I was at school. I wasn’t the most gifted person when it came to paint, but give me a camera and I can work magic. Again, I don’t mean to sound boastful… actually you know what? I do. Photography is my art, it may not involve pencils or paint, but its capturing a moment like painting a landscape is. I think I’m a good photographer and I’m pretty sure I could be successful at it.

So there you have it, the Life Scout Badges I have collected so far. I will return to this when I get some more under my belt. Do try and get some yourself, ts quite fun


Happy Reading 🙂


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