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The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee

“She’s a mystery, a cipher, something nearly extinct these days”

The Secret Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller was definitely an interesting read. It was clearly a more adult book than the others I’ve read this month and so for that, I would recommend an age limit to about 16. Only for the reason, it is very graphic and the content is very questionable, and I know that for me, it would have just gone over my head at that age.


It wasn’t particularly my cup of tea, but it was still an interesting, if not completely believable read.


It is a very touching and moving tale of how the relationships we have when we are young have an impact on us as adults. Ultimately it’s a story of self discovery and self discovery. However, that being said, I would have liked to have seen more of the relationship between Pippa and her children, there seems to be a huge chunk missing from where she has her children to when they are grown up.


I didn’t particularly enjoy this book, but the fact its so small means there is no unimportant description, which as you know is a pet hate of mine! Hopefully the next time I review it will be a book that I am more interested in.



What are your thoughts?

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