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Christmas With Billy and Me

“Christmas is about eating as much as possible and not feeling bad for it”

Bonfire Night has been and gone and I don’t know about you guy, but my dad has stocked up on Mince Pies (testing out which ones are the best he says) and that can only mean one thing! Christmas is coming!

I bought Giovanna Fletcher’s new book, Christmas With Billy and Me, when it first came out a couple of weeks ago. But I’d decided to myself I would try and save it until I felt Christmassy. Well the John Lewis Advert is here and the Christmas CD is in my car so I thought I’d crack it open.

Its a really lovely book and really gets you in the mood for Christmas. Sophie May, who clearly LOVES Christmas is absolutely delighted when someone emails her asking to use her cafe to propose to their girlfriend on Christmas Eve.

Of course, Sophie’s (and my own) first thought was Billy, Sophie’s gorgeous Hollywood actor fellow.

Its a short and very sweet story, that anyone should read to get in the mood for Christmas.

I think I’ll go and do some online shopping….

Happy Reading


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