25 Days of Bookmas / Fun

25 Days of Bookmas – Day 3!

Window number three, while I had a chocolate trumpet in my actual advent calendar, this one makes me very excited for my own Christmas.

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Scene in a book?

I think this would have to be the Book Thief. You guys know how I feel about that book, but I think the Christmas scene is so beautiful and it really makes it seem so magical. Like Anything can happen.


“Is this today’s weather report?”

Liesel stood next to him.

Gently she touched his arm.

He raised it again, to his mouth. ‘Thanks Liesel.’

It was the beginning of  the greatest Christmas ever. Little food. No presents. But there was a snowman in the basement…

Even a scarf and hat were provided for what was really only a half-metre man of snow.

‘A midget,’ Max had said.

‘What do we do when it melts?’ Liesel asked.

Rosa had the answer. ‘You mop it up, Saumensch, in a hurry.’

Papa disagreed. ‘It won’t melt.’ He rubbed his hands and blew into them. ‘It’s freezing down here.’

Melt it did though, but somewhere in each of them, that snowman was still upright. It must have been the last thing they saw on Christmas Eve when they finally fell asleep. There was an accordion in their ears, a snowman in their eyes, and for Liesel, there was the thought of Max’s last words before she left him by the fire.

Christmas Greetings from Max Vandenburg

‘Often I wish this would all be over, Liesel,  but then, somehow you do something like walk down the basement steps with a snowman in your hands.’

Ahhh so Christmassy. It makes me so excited, although just the book makes me excited. Christmas and the book makes me SUPER EXCITED. This may have been my favourite window, so far.

See you tomorrow.

Happy Reading


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