25 Days of Bookmas / Fun

25 Days of Bookmas – Day 4

Another window another day.

So this window makes me very excited as I love to watch peoples faces as they open their presents! So this one is all about what I would buy my favourite author for Christmas. So I would choose Jenny Colgan, as I love her stories and how she writes about relatable people. The characters are not insanely beautiful or agonisingly rich, they are normal people who have money troubles and wake up feeling a bit poo.

So the first thing I would buy her would be a Christmas Jumper. Everyone needs a jumper at Christmas and I think Colgan would love a cute little jumper with a christmas critter on the front.


The next thing I would get her would be a book of recipes, really off the wall, and maybe it would inspire her next cookery related novel.


And a box of Christmas Cupcakes. Everyone needs something sweet and fluffy and light. The Christmas theme is just for fun!


I hope you enjoyed my gifts to Jenny Colgan. See you tomorrow.

Happy Reading


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