25 Days of Bookmas / Fun

25 Days of Bookmas – Day 14

for this one I will need a book character that adores Christmas and how tell you how similar I am to them.

So I am going to choose Belle from Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas. Its set just after Beast has rescued Belle from the wolves, so their relationship is still a little strained. But Belle decides she is going to try and make the best Christmas she can, with the help of all her friends, despite the Beast’s mood swings and the fact she is a prisoner. Hope is The Greatest Gift of All.

tumblr_lwn1vqjJEi1qejlczo1_500 200_s

I always try and make the best Christmas, I love decorating the tree and house, I love buying presents, and wrapping them up, and seeing peoples faces as they read their tags. And I like getting the presents too, but its not just about that for me. I like to include everyone.


If you want to follow the rules of the tag you can do so here, please comment below a Christmas loving character you relate to.

See you tomorrow.

Happy Reading.



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