Christmas At Rosie Hopkins’ Sweetshop

SWEET BELLS!” (Chime, clamour.) “SWEET CHIMING SILVER BELLS!” (Chime, clatter as one of the bells dropped to the floor.)

“SWEET BELLS!” (Chime.) “SWEET chiming Christmas bells…” (slight fading off as the class colletively failed to remember the next, slightly tricky line.)

Kent and Emily always got it right, however.

“They CHEER us ON our HEAVEN-lee Way, Sweet CHI-ming BELLS!”

Rosie Hopkins can’t wait for Christmas. Its her favourite time of year, not only can she decorate her house and sweetshop but she can buy in festive favourites and watch them disappear into children’s for Christmas. It carries on from the previous novel, but it is pretty stand alone.

This was a much more satisfying Christmas story than Giovanna, no offense Gi. But Colgan give us wonderful, imaginative descriptions of her characters home town of Lipton, and all of the sweets in her sweetshop, that make your mouth water and your tummy rumble.

Of course no Christmas tale would be complete without something to stand in the way, and poor Rosie has enough of them, first her mother invites herself and Rosie’s brother, sister-in-law and three children from Australia to Rosie’s two bedroom cottage for the holidays, and then disaster strikes in the heart of the town. And of course this pushes her families visit to the back of her mind which causes trouble between her and Stephen.

The only thing I disliked about this novel was Rosie’s Mum. She seemed too over the top and as she lives away form her daughter, you would think she would want to spend every moment she can with her, but that isn’t the case. Granted, Rosie is still working until Christmas Eve, but when Rosie wants to spend time with her, she brings along Rosie’s Sister-In-Law.

But apart from that I really did enjoy the story, it really was a story of a Christmas Miracle. It reminded me of when I was little and lived on the estate. The people there were all friends and came together when something happened.

If you need another Christmas fix, definitely pick up this one.

Totally a suggestion.

Happy Reading


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