25 Days of Bookmas / Fun

25 Days of Bookmas – Day 21

find a non-fiction Christmas book and find a fact/joke from the book to share!

I couldn’t find any non-fiction books, but I did find some websites, and because I’m late, I’ll give you two facts!

1. Boxing day gets its name from two sources, One was that the master of the house would give boxes with presents in to his staff the day after Christmas (they, of course, did not get Christmas day off). The other was the Church would collect money in boxes the day after Christmas to give to the poor of the parish.

THE CHRISTMAS LIST: 50 fascinating facts


2.And stockings come from this story: A poor man with three daughters couldn’t afford the dowry to have them married. One night, St. Nicholas dropped a bag of gold down the man’s chimney so that his oldest daughter would be able to get married, and the bag fell into a stocking that was drying by the fire.

31 Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

Comment down below with your Christmas facts or jokes from a book!

If you want to see the rules of the tag you can do so here.


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