The Life I Left Behind – Collette McBeth

Wow! What a story. This was my first Bookbridgr Book and I can’t wait to read the next one!

I read the back and it struck me as different, I started reading and I couldn’t put it down! It was a bit slow in places but the characters were endearing and I wanted to know what happened. The book is filled with twists and turns and is definately a book for people who like to be on the edge of their seats.

It struck me as similar to the Lovely Bones whereas it is narrated by a girl who has been murdered, but that is litterally where the similarlities end. Physologically and physically thrilling, it had me up all last night to finish it!

McBeth delivers some wicked twists that you just don’t see coming and they whack you in the face with the force of them.

The Life I Left Behind is out on the 1st of January and I would definitely recommend it!

Happy Reading


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