The Christmas Surprise – Jenny Colgan

christmas surprise

“His name is Apostil. Ah-pos-teel.” “Like Apostle?” “No, like Apostil.”

The Christmas Surprise is the third instalment in the Rosie Hopkins series, and the second Christmas story to involve the people of Lipton. It was lovely to see/hear from them again and to catch up with Rosie and Stephen in their newly engaged honeymoon period. I really enjoyed this story and found it heartbreakingly good and laugh out loud funny on nearly every page.

It opens shortly after the end of the previous book with both Rosie and Stephen excited to start the next chapter of their lives. Again, Colgan’s characters are relatable and real, she writes about real people which is great because you don’t get a lot of characters, as Rosie is described, ‘soft around the edges’. The book was easy to read, and encapsulates not only life for Rosie in Lipton, but the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of being in Africa.

Having been titled ‘The Christmas Surprise’ I didn’t feel the book was overly Christmassy, infact most of the story telling happens earlier on in the year.

I hope to hear more from Rosie and Stephen, and definately more from Jenny Colgan who is becoming one of my favourite authors by far.

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