Landline – Rainbow Rowell


“I love you more than I hate everything else.”

This was the first of my Amazon Giftcard purchases. The latest Rainbow Rowell book and needless to say, I loved it. It was much different to the others that she has written. Following the success of Attachments, Rowell’s first adult novel, this one is just as good.

Georgie was very relatable, always finding herself caught between her husband, Neal, and her best friend, Seth.  Being one half of a boy/girl duo myself during my school years it definitely struck a chord. Her mother and her obsession with pugs reminded me of my friend, and had me in hysterics. And having lots of younger cousins who are obsessed with phones I could relate to Georgie’s frustration when her five year old daughter answered the phone. And of course, Rowell has that gift of making you howl with laughter one moment and break your heart the next. It is a definite new favourite of mine and a HUGE recommendation.

Plot Summary

Since college everyone has always billed Seth and Georgie most likely to get together, so when Georgie falls in love with the comic illustrator recluse no one can quite believe it, especially Georgie and Neal. But for fourteen years they have had the perfect marriage, or so Georgie thought. When Georgie tells Neal she can’t make Christmas at his parents, he leaves with their kids, without her. Georgie, unable to stand staying at an empty house decides to stay with her Mum and discovers the landline in her childhood bedroom can contact Neal from fourteen years ago. Should Georgie use the past to fix the present? Or change the present all together?


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