Three Amazing Things About You – Jill Mansell

“I think I want to meet the man who has my heart.


Warning: This Review Contains Spoilers

Its amazing when you find a book that manages to write about such a serious and life questioning subject such as this. And for this reason, I’m going to have to explain some major plot points. If you want to read your copy without being spoiled of the blissful reading that is Jill Mansell, please don’t read any further, but if you believe that Spoilers actually enhance reading by all means, carry on.

Three amazing things about you by Jill Mansell was definitely a very thought provoking read. I love Mansell’s way of writing four different stories and then bringing them all together and tying them up with a neat little bow. Her way of writing, and engaging the readers is brilliant, and having so many characters someone is always going to find someone they relate to. Of course it is farfetched in many areas, but its fiction and with the story, I think we can forgive Mansell for this.

When you die, do you want to donate your organs? The answer for me was always a simple one. Yes. I won’t be using them, they will just be rotting in my body with the rest of me, why shouldn’t I donate them. I have held a donor card since I was sixteen. People have often said to me, isn’t that such a big decision to make for someone so young? For me, it wasn’t. And reading this book has just reaffirmed it.

Hallie is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, she is on the list for a donor, but time is running out. She needs a new pair of lungs, sooner rather than later. Being in her twenties, she just wants to have a life, learn some hobbies, fall in love. But who would want to go out with a girl in a wheel chair?

Tasha’s new boyfriend is an adrenaline junkie. He’s more comfortable rock climbing, skydiving and skiing than sitting still, this of course drives Tasha crazy, but she couldn’t love him more. But while doing one of these amazing things, Rory catches a bug that affects him so severely his organs begin to fail.

Flo’s new boyfriend, Zander, lives with his sister, who hates Flo because she is staying in her Grandmother’s flat until her cat joins her in the afterlife, at which point the house will go to her grandchildren and Flo must leave. As we question Zander’s motives and then begin to second guess our conclusions, he is in a car accident.

Unfortunately, Zander doesn’t make it, but he does donate his organs so that others could live. As it happens, he gave his heart and lungs to Hallie who in turn gave her heart to Rory. I loved how the story showed us all of the medical advancements that have happened recently, and I just loved how the characters came together and made their own little ‘family’ as they dub it.

All in all a very good life affirming read. It definitely made me question how I spent my health.

Definitely worth 4 and half stars! I’ve knocked off half a star because of the Prince Harry Moment.

I recommend it highly.

Happy Reading


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