The Cortlandt Boys by Louise Vanderkam

“You should have made that shot, KC,” “Yeah… I made the next one though”

The Cortlandt Boys by Louise Vanderkam follows the story of Max and Janie, ten and twenty years after their Basketball team scored the winning basket in a game in 1993.

It was a definitely interesting read. Nostalgia, romance and mystery are three genres that work well separately, and work well in couples, but jamming them together, you think it wouldn’t work. But wow does it.

It was such a page turner, I really wanted to find out what happened to all of the team mates. When I first started it, I thought it was going to be strikingly similar to One Tree Hill with the basketball, Mickey did remind me of a certain dark haired character, but the story couldn’t be worlds apart. No half sibling enemies here.

All in all a very intriguing read and I would recommend it.

The author is having a Twitter chat with the hashtag as #CortlandtBoys today. So if you want to ask her any questions about the book, now is your chance.

Happy reading


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