Teeth by Chele Cooke

The only way to describe this book is a sort of supernatural Pygmalion for fans of Dexter.

It’s starts with Thomas (who is Eliza in this analogy) waking up after a night out, not quite remembering what happened… But he soon gets the sobering wakeup he wasn’t expecting with a girl he finds himself strangely in love with, strung up, bleeding to death.

Spencer (who would be Higgins) a newish vampire, takes it upon himself to teach the despondent and non believing Thomas the ways of the vampires.

It bought together quite alot of genres that work very well together. And if your after a vampire novel that is different from the others, ie doesn’t include a heroin metaphor, this is definitely the book for you. Although it was definitely an adult book don’t I would say over the age of 15 at least as there is quite alot of gore.

The author began her writing career by writing fan fiction, when I found this out, I must admit I thought it was going to be a 50 Shades type of thing. But I am pleased to say I was wrong. Her characters are unique and brilliant and I really enjoyed getting to know them.

I see good things from Chele Cooke and can’t wait to read more from her.

Happy Reading


5 thoughts on “Teeth by Chele Cooke

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review.
    My fanfiction days are firmly in the past. I learned a lot about plot and characterisation, but I was always more of a canon girl.
    Of course, now I’m just giggling at the idea of Dumbledore as a vampire.
    Thanks again!

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