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The Monster Goddess Book Club – February


Another re-read again for me this month, the second in the Monster Goddess Book Club. I bought this book last year, and read it within a week, the story stuck with me as I myself feel alot like Cath. Although I don’t have a twin sister, I do have a best friend whom I often find myself comparing myself to… does that make sense?


I remember being so wrapped up in Harry Potter that I couldn’t get enough, I confess I wrote fanfiction when I was younger, maybe not to the extent of Cather Avery with her Simon Snow series, who is somewhat famous on her website (which doesn’t exsist, I’m sad to say), but I remember being so upset when Harry Potter came to an end, I looked online for hours and hours other versions of the end of the era that was Potter.  Though I’ve never had a problem with creating my own worlds and characters, I do understand what it was that Cath found so frustrating:

“When I’m writing my own stuff, it’s like swimming upstream. Or… falling down a cliff and grabbing at branches, trying to invent the branches as I fall.”

Reading this book, I couldn’t help but compare myself to Cath, I have always been the quiet one, the one who would prefer to stay in reading/writing than going out and getting drunk. I found myself worrying along side of her about her Dad and her sister, who both seem to be going off the rails, just a little bit. Reagan, I found hilarious. Inside I think I am a Reagan. I shall now start saying to myself “WWRD – What Would Reagan Do?” When I’m being shouted at the phone, “WWRD”. When people cut me up on the road “WWRD”

I love this book, it is definitely one of my favourite reads. Not because its profound or it changed my life, but I look at this book and these characters and I see myself, and I see my friends. It was an easy read that I flew through and thoroughly enjoyed. I think I will be reading it again, for sure.

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Theme for next month: First in a series

Our Choice: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

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