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Mini Book Haul – April 2015

So today, depsite all of the lovely weather, I managed to find a second hand bookshop, and you know me, I cannot turn down a second hand book. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to buy them, but as it was just as stall there wasn’t many, so I couldn’t take them all because that would have been unfair, but these were the ones I decided to get and I’ll share them with you.


Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay

Any one who follows me will know I bought the first three Dexter novels earlier in the year from The Book People, and this is the fourth one, so when I saw it I knew I had to buy it. I love the series on the TV, so I can’t wait to start these novels and see how similar they are, or not as the case may be.


If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

I have read two books by Cecelia Ahern, P.S. I Love You and Where Rainbows End, and I really enjoyed them. Plus her covers are so pretty they just make me want to buy them because of that. But the story on the back looks really interesting and I can’t wait to give it read.


Little Women and Good Wives  by Louisa May Alcott

First of all let me just say, look at the cover! Its so pretty! And you all know how I feel about old books, I love them. Love love love them, and this is one of my favourite stories, I’ve only ever read Little Women so when I saw it had got the second as well, I just had to buy it and for £1.00 you can’t go wrong really, can you?


Little Men by Louisa May Alcott

After I saw this one, I noticed they also had Little Men and that would mean I had three of the four books in the series and if I could find Jo’s Boys in the same style I would be so happy. If anyone who knows me wants to get me something for my 21t Birthday this year, that would be a great present.


I hope you enjoyed my little book haul for this month. I’ll see you later in the week for a review.

Happy Reading


6 thoughts on “Mini Book Haul – April 2015

    • Thanks for the comment. I got the first three of the Dexter books from The Book People for something ridiculous like £3.99 I haven’t read them yet, but I will start them soon 🙂

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