May Book Haul

Gosh, I feel like I’ve done hundreds of these… but I’ve only done Four which you can find here:

October Book Haul

January Book Haul

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Mini Book Haul

Me and my friend had an outing today, and ended up going to our favourite book shop in the local indoor market, which we visited in October. I only went in to get one book and ended up coming out with eight!

On to the Haul!


The Night Flower by Sarah Stovell

My friend found this one amidst the piles and thought I’d like it. And I’m not going to lie, I bought it because the front cover was really beautiful, and when I read the back I fell in love with the story and I can’t wait to read it.

Miriam is a Romany girl drawn from freedom in the hihlls of the North West to eke a living in the city. When her mother dies she’s left alone in the world, until she meets Katie-May, who seems to be a friend, but leads her in to danger.

Rose is well brought up and expects much from her life, but she too finds herself suddenly alone, separated from her children and forced to take a governess’ job. She also takes a risk that has devastating consequences.

As the two young women face a terrible future, sentenced to transportation to the convict colonies of Tasmania, their paths cross and their fates collide. Can they – should they – trust each other?

Now for the last seven weeks I have been addicted to the BBC2 Thursday night drama, Banished, which followed the life of a banished convict James Freeman (played by Russell Tovey), and his struggle to find his place within the settlement. Also, while researching my genealogy, I have discovered that I myself had an ancestor who was Banished to Australia. Her crime was getting Drunk and dancing on a table (good thing its not against the law now, if you know what I mean).


Good Wives by Louisa M Alcott

I know I already have this one, but look at that cover! Its so beautiful and it was presented to Ivy Greygoose of Stableford Abbots Church Sunday School for Christmas 1913. Isn’t that pretty awesome. This book is more than a hundred years old and it was given to a woman who sounds like a Fairy Tale character! I’m going to be researching her with my geneolgy programme…

WP_20150502_011 WP_20150502_010 WP_20150502_009

The Lord of the Ring Series by JRR Tolkien

I already own the hobbit, and have seen the films. I havent seen the LOTR films for a long time though, so I think I may read the books and then watch the films. They will also be three books ticked off of the BBC 100 Book Challenge. You all know I love fantasy series, so I’m excited to read these.


The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

This was the one I went in for! I saw the play when I was fifteen and I absolutely loved it, and I would go again and again and again if I could afford to go to London every weekend to watch it. I liked the film, but the play was so much better. I found the film was more Horror while the play was more of a thriller, and it was that that got me into reading thrillers. I’ve wanted this book for a while but £6.99 is quite a lot of money for 200 pages… so I was glad I found it in this book shop, even if I did have to ask  the owner to move around 50 books to find it!


Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan

Again, my friend found this one and again I chose it based on the cover, it looks like a post card and the story sounds really interesting.

Ellie and John are childhood sweethearts. Marrying young, against their families’ wishes, the couple barely survivee the poverty of rural Ireland. When John is injured in the War of Independance, Ellie emigrates ‘for one short year’ to earn the money for the operation which will allow him to walk again.

Arriving in Jazz Age New York, Ellie is seduced by the energy and promise of America. When they year is up Ellie chooses to stay, returning to Ireland only when her father dies. A trunk full of treasures helps fuel Ellie’s American dream, but as the power of home and blood and old love takes hold she realizes that freedom isn’t the gift of another country, it comes from within.

Doesn’t that sound like a beautiful story?


The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith

The last book I bought was this one, because it was one of my favourite stories when I was younger, and my dad used to read it to me at Christmas and I loved it. When I saw this one in such good condition I had to buy it! And again it belonged to someone else. One the title page the girl has written in her best hand writing:

Elizabeth Bolton.

Bought in St Davids


That’s pretty cool.

And we have come to the end of this little journey. I love going into that shop because I’m always surprised by what I can find, and what finds me. I am also surprised by the price, so I’ll let you in on the secret. These eight books, cost me £5.50. Can’t say fairer than that really, can you?

Well I wont be stuck for something to read for a while, will I?

Right then, I’m off to find some room on the bookshelf.

Happy Reading


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