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Independent Bookshop Crawl – June Book Haul

It seems all I ever do is buy books and not read them!



Today I took part in the independent bookshop crawl in support of independent bookshop owners, Books Are My Bag, and IndieBoundUK. I had such a jolly old time with my friend, The Bookie Monsters, and my little car, but ended up spending a hell of a lot of money on these books.

Buying books new is a treat I rarely give myself, much preferring my little hole in the wall second hand bookshop where you can get really good quality books for a fraction of the price (50p for paperbacks and £1 for hardbacks).  I do feel that having new books is like buying a pair of new shoes, they need to be held, looked at and worn in, where as second hand books are like a pair of comfy trainers or slippers. If you can tell something has been well read/enjoyed, you will enjoy more, I think. Everyone likes to buy new shoes every once in a while, but not the extent you end up breaking the bank and having to live of magic beans until your next payday!

There aren’t many independent bookshops in my immediate area, so the Bookie Monsters and I ventured out into the countryside to take part. We were planning on doing three bookshops, but I got lost on the way to the second and ended up driving around for half an hour trying to find a car park close enough to the bookshop we wouldn’t break our arms carrying the books back.  We even had a theme for each bookshop, but unfortunately we had to put the two themes into one place as we had simply run out of time!

Place No.1 – Personal Recommendation 

The first place we went to was a quaint little town called Much Wenlock, which is about half an hour away from where we live. It was such a cute little town, where all the buildings are from Tudor times that have been renovated and restored.

wenlock books

Wenlock Books was our first stop. This was a beautiful little shop with books everywhere. Downstairs was all new books and upstairs was second hand.  It was reminiscent of my favourite second hand bookshop, but much tidier! It was here that we chose a book that each other would like and buy it for them, as this years theme for the IBW Crawl was #GiveABook. The owner, Anna wasn’t working today but Susie the person who was manning the fort, was very friendly and was talking to us for a good fifteen minutes about all things book related and our blogs, which I found really nice as not a lot of people ask you about blogging.

Wenlock 2

There was also a second hand bookshop a little further down the road, we went in but there was nothing that really caught my fancy, but it was nice to have a look round.


After this we headed off to Attingham Park, as it was such a beautiful day we decided to take advantage of being that way and stopped off. You can see more about our adventure at Attingham and our morning in Much Wenlock on my other blog. We appeared to have lost track of time here and had to rush to our next place.

Place No. 2 – Recommendation from the Bookseller & A Book The Other Person Really Wanted!

The second place we went to was Pengwern Books in Shrewsbury. This was the one where I got lost, SatNavs are great, apart from when they decide to tell you to go left when they mean right! It took us about forty minutes and three trips around the town before we managed to find the car park we wanted!


This was another really nice bookshop. It was a lot smaller than Wenlock Books, and but I loved how enthusiastic the owner, Susan, was. I have such a funny (peculiar)  story about this, but I will share it with you when I share my books in a minute.

DSCN0271 DSCN0270

After this we decided to head home, it was nearing half four and we wouldn’t have had time to get to the other shop before it closed. But either way, today had been really enjoyable, even if I wont be able to go out again for a couple of months!

So… On To The Books!

Books I Received from The Bookie Monsters

DSCN0278Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews: This was The Bookie Monsters’ recommendation, since she read it in March 2014 she had been raving about it. The reason she gave was “I loved it and thought you would too

DSCN0289The Coincidence Authority by J Ironmonger: This is the one with the funny story. I asked the lady in the shop for a recommendation, and the first thing she pointed was this one. Now those who follow me on Twitter will know that my surname is Ironmonger, so what a coincidence she would recommend this to me to read and she didn’t even know who I was! It also happened to be a signed copy and the inscription is really nice:


Coincidences happen. Wishes come true. Or maybe they don’t.

DSCN0297I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak: My friend clearly knows me well as she knew I would really want this book before I did and picked it up to show me. This is by the same author of The Book Thief which is my favourite book, and I’ve been looking for more books from him but they seem to be few and far between. The story looks completely different and I can’t wait to start this one and read more from Zusak!

Books I Purchased

#Give a Book


Kidnapped by R.L. Stevenson: This is the book I bought and gave to The Bookie Monsters, because I loved the story when I was younger, and she doesn’t read that many classic novels. It also involves being kidnapped on a ship, I think thats pretty cool. Everyone needs a Swashbuckling Adventure!

DSCN0291The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin: This is the Bookshop Owners recommendation. It is a book about books and bookshops and really did have her name written all over it! The front cover also is really pretty and I think she will enjoy looking at it even if she doesn’t enjoy the read, which I’m sure she will.


Us By David Nicholls: This is the one I bought for the one she really wanted, because it had been on her Wish List since it was released and a signed copy was just too perfect to resist!


Bought for myself


Faery Tales by Carol Ann Duffy: I have always been obsessed with fairy tales, ever since I was little. You have seen my fairy tale shelf on my bookshelf, so this will sit nicely on there. I like Carol Ann Duffy after studying her work at school, she was one of the only poets I enjoyed. And the book looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to start this one. If I manage to read it in three days, I think I put this one through as my Monster Goddess Book Club Book! This one was from Wenlock Books.


Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres: I have seen this film and enjoyed it very much. I liked the story and I really loved the front cover of this, and when I saw it was buy one get one free, I knew I had to get it! This was from Wenlock Books.


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: I had heard alot about this book, it seems to be very popular in the blogosphere, the front cover is absolutely amazing, and I’m becoming intrigued by books about circuses. I think there is something magical about a circus, the way it appears one day from no where and disappears just as quickly.


The Hurlyburly’s Husband by Jean Teule: Okay, I’ll admit I picked up this book completely based on its cover. When I looked at the back of it though I really did like the story idea. It seems kind of like a historical novel, fairy tale type thing.

I’m really excited to started reading these!

Happy Reading


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