What Milo Saw


This eBook was provided for free by NetGalley, this does not affect my views in any way.

What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor is the very poignant novel about a young boy fighting to be heard. Milo is nine years old, by the time he reaches secondary school, he will be almost completely blind. He suffers from retinitis pigmentosa, with Mum slowly succumbing to depression after the breakup of her marriage, Gran moving out of the family home and into a nursing home and Dad having moved to a different country with his new wife, Milo feels completely alone, apart from his pet pig and new friend, Tripi. As he starts to question the things around him, he realises that people over look him, not just because of his disabilty, but his age as well. But what happens when this nine year old boy, who happens to be losing his sight, is actually telling the truth?

I found this book particularly moving. I connected with Milo on a level I don’t really get to see very often. Though my condition is no where near as severe as Milo’s I have struggled with my eyesight since I was very little. Because of this, it is very hard to make friends, if you can’t see them. I also had the same struggle with him regarding his Gran. Though mine didn’t live with me, I used to go round to her house after school and I struggled alot with her going into a nursing home.

The book was so easy to read, depsite the hard hitting moments it just slipped into my brain like butter on hot toast. It was an absolute joy to read. I just wanted to wrap Milo up and take him home with me!

If you come across it, it is a definite recommendation from me!

Happy Reading


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