Unboxing Carrie’s Bookclub July

Not sure if a lot of you know about Carrie Hope Fletcher, sister of Tom Fletcher of McBusted, currently on stage as Eponine in Les Miserables, and very successful youtuber. A few months ago she released a video explaining about her ‘bookclub’ which people can subscribe to and get a box of book themed goodies.

This is the first one I’ve received, and this is how it looked when I got home:


Inside was a letter from Carrie, giving a description of the theme and what you’ll find in the box. The theme this month was based Clairvoyance as the book Carrie had chosen to base her book on was The Bone Season. Also found within the box was:


Literary based Fortune Teller which tells you what literary character you are most like, obviously I had to fold this up and obviously I got Hermione Granger, total coincidence of course.


A Mysterious looking Bookmark with an eye, a crystal ball. Its made of either metal or pastic, I’m not quite sure but its very sturdy which is great for my rough reading habits! I love the colour and the pattern is very me.


A packet of Rose Mazipan loose tea, which seems very exciting. Marzipan always reminds me of Christmas and I look forward to trying this.


A Fortune Cookie shaped Coin Purse, this is absolutely beautiful and very simplistic. I love it. It looks really delicate so I don’t think I will use it as a coin purse, more like a place to keep my secrets, or to put fortunes from real fortune cookies, as I eat so many Chinese takeaways I have them falling out of the drawers in my kitchen!


A Fortune Telling Miracle Fish which everyone used to get in a Christmas cracker. Though its more of a mood teller than a fortune teller, but I’ve already had a lot of fun decoding the movements of the fish on my family members!


And finally: This lovely scarf, though the pattern does remind me of Count Olaf, the colours are lovely and the size, weight and material are great! I love to wear scarves for work but its hard to find ones that don’t make you really hot, but as this is a cotton type material its very light so I look forward to using this.

My thoughts on the Carrie’s book club are this: for £19.42 I did find the box was overpriced. I worked out based on retail norms that the cost of the box would be about £12-£13 which I wouldn’t really mind paying. If the boxes were cheaper and/or offered a deal when subscribing for three plus months, I would consider setting up a subscription. Compared to other bookish box offers this is very over priced considering Prudence and The Crow offer their book boxes at £12 a month and they include an actual book.

I did enjoy the fact everything was in the box together in layers, so you literally had to work your way down. This made it feel really exciting. The goodies are really exciting and very good quality, but I don’t think I will set up a subscription, maybe just buy an odd one every couple of months when I have a spare £20.

If you are interested in Carrie’s Book Club you can order yours here.

Well I’m off to enjoy my bookish treats.

Happy Reading


What are your thoughts?

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