Near Enemy – Adam Sternbergh


Published: 2 July 2015

Publisher: Headline

Format: Paperback

Price: £8.99

ISBN: 978-1472216199

This book was provided by Bookbridgr


When New York was hit by a dirty bomb, the city became a burnt-out shell and only the wealthy were able to escape, to a virtual reality quite different from the world around them. Former garbage man, Spademan, lost his wife and his livelihood – in a city comprised entirely of garbage, there’s little one man can do. So he became a hit man, clearing up in a whole new way.

But now the virtual world is under threat from elite terrorists operating from somewhere in New York and Spademan is tasked with tracking them down. He’s not used to having enemies – his foes usually end up dead pretty quickly – but he’s about to find out just how close they are, and how dangerous they can be…


Near Enemy tells the story of Spademan, no first name, a garbage-man turned assassin after a dirty bomb hit New York and he lost his wife. When Spademan gets a call with a name, he knows what to do, he goes after them. So when he gets a call to find someone called ‘Lesser’, he thinks it will be a quick and simple job, how wrong he could be.

Being the second book in the Spademan series I started it expecting to get lost somewhere, but the fast paced writing doesn’t allow you to get lost. It is very unique with the authors style of writing, with minimal punctuation and even less description, it allows you to get lost in Spademan’s world as you imagine what the characters and the setting might look like. I really did get sucked in and had to remind myself that I was not the one running through Times Square at full pelt, I was actually in the canteen at work and had to stop reading for a few minutes to catch my breath.

I did get a bit lost when they were talking about the Limn (the virtual world), but apart from that the story was very well written and the characters well formed, well their personality was well formed, as all we got from the description of the characters are the clothes they are wearing. Persephone was definitely one of my favourite characters and I hope to hear more from her as the series progresses, as I will be continuing this story!

Four and a half out of Five, as the virtual world concept when a little over my head.

Happy Reading


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