The Summer Reader Book Tag

Bonjour! I’m actually in France at the moment, for my summer holiday, so I thought I’d share the Summer Reader book tag from over at my pal, Tash’s blog which you can find here: The Summer Reader Book Tag | The Bookie Monsters.

Lemonade: pick a book that started off bitter but got better.


Hmm… I suppose The Christmas Surprise started off quite bitter with Rosie and Stephen receiving some very bitter news near the beginning of the book, but it gets a lot happier as the book goes on.

Golden Sun: pick a book that made you smile beyond compare.


Hmm… this sounds really bad, but I can’t actually remember! I think it may have been Three Amazing Things About You, by Jill Mansell, or Landline by Rainbow Rowell, but I’m not quite sure!

Tropical Flowers: pick a book set in a foreign country.

Tropical flowers

I think I will have to choose A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Because it is a beautiful book and story with beautiful characters and I just loved every moment I read. Literally couldn’t put it down!

Tree Shade: pick a book in which a mysterious or shady character was first introduced.

tree shade

Damon from The Vampire Diaries is a pretty shady character. I prefer him in the books as he is alot more darker and though he loves Elena and Katherine, he doesn’t compromise his badness for them. But he can be good as well it all depends on his mood.

Beach Sand: pick a book that was grainy, and the plot barely developed.

beach sand

Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulkes, I just couldn’t get into it. I could feel my life slipping away as I read.

Green Grass: pick a character(s) that were full of life, making you smile.

green grass

Milo from What Milo Saw. He knew what he saw and he wouldn’t stop trying until everyone else saw it too.

Watermelon: pick a book that had some juicy secrets.


The Luxe had some pretty juicy secrets, with Elizabeth and Will, Diana and Henry, and Lina and Penelope. Or maybe it felt like they were juicy secrets because it was the first young adult novel series I read, and thought it was quite scandalous.

Sun Hat: pick a book that had a vast, big universe/setting.

sun hat

I’m going to copy Tash here and say space itself, but I’m going to go with Across the Universe. That’s supposed to be a big universe and a really big space ship.

BBQ: pick a book in which a character was portrayed as a hunk.


The only person I can think of right now is Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga, though not in Twilight itself from New Moon onward he seems to be a bit of a hunk.

Happy Reading


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