The Monster Goddess Book Club

The Monster Goddess Book Club – July | The Woman in Black

Bonjour mon ami from France the land of the sun and beach.

Welcome to month seven if our little book club, this month we had to read a book with a stage adaptation, so we chose The Woman In Black by Susan Hill. Next month is a book for the beach, so we have chosen Gone Girl. So if any of you lovely people have rad either of these books, please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to check out your review! So on to the Woman in Black.


Arthur Kipps, a young solicitor in London, desperate to prove himself to his boss agrees to search through the estate and testaments of a Mrs Drablow owner of the old reclusive Eel Marsh House in a town called Crythin Gifford. When he sees a young woman with a wasted face that no one else can see he is not sure what to believe.

Having the seen the film and play of this novel I was really looking forward to reading this and it did not disappoint. I was disappointed with the film adaptation and now having read the book I happy readingcan see how similar the plot of the play is with the book rather than the film. I read most of this on a wet and rainy day tucked up in bed which, I felt, was the appropriate place to read a novel such as this. It also made a nice change to read quite a short novel, but what it lacked in quantity it certainly made up for in quality, there were many times when I had to stop reading and take a breather.

All in all this was a very interesting read and I was glad we chose it, will definitely be a reread around Halloween!

Happy reading


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