Epic Reads Tag

Bonjour from France!

I found this tag over in the blogosphere and thought it looked really cool. So here we go….

1. If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who would you invite and what would you serve them?

This is already really hard. Out of all the authors on my bookshelf. And all the characters. I think it would be Cecelia Ahern and Rosie Dunne from Where Rainbows End. I think they both would be a real laugh and would have some great stories to tell. And I think I would go ‘classic’ and serve tea and biscuits, probably chocolate digestives or hobnobs.

2. What book do you wish the author would write a prequel for?

The Harry Potter series. Through the books we learn that James wasn’t really the hero that we saw him as at the beginning of the series. And when I read about him I was wonder what Lily saw in him, I would love to read about how they fell in love and their time as a family, even if it was short.

3. Which 2 characters (NOT from the same book) do you think would make a great couple?

Hmmm… I think Violet Baudelaire and Artemis Fowl would be pretty good together…

4. If you ran into your favorite author on the subway and only could say one sentence to them, who is it and what would it be?

It would be J.K. Rowling and I would say “Why Dobby and Fred?”

5. What book made you a reader and why?

I don’t even have to think about this. Harry Potter. My Dad used to read the books to me at bedtime and he would do different voices for the different characters, I think the appeal was a story about this seemingly average boy who is actually this really cool wizard. When your 7 who doesn’t want to be a wizard and go to a magic school. Okay, who are we kidding, even almost 21 year olds want to be a wizard and go to magic school!

6. Incendio! Your bookshelf just caught on fire. Show us what book you would save.

THIS IS SO HARD! I can’t possible choose between my books! I love them all so much! I think it would be my Folio Society book of the Wind in the Willows, because story is one of my favourites, the book itself is very beautiful and the illustrations are just magnificent. It is one of my favourite books to just look at.

7. Which dystopian world would you want to live in if you had to chose one? Why?

Ugh, this is tag is so hard! I think maybe the Hunger Games, because my chances of actually going into the games are quite slim, but I’m a bit of a nobody so if I did end up going into the arena I could possible win by letting everyone else kill each other. Maybe.

8. What is your most epic read of all time?

Definitely the Book Theif, this is one of my favourite books, I loved the story, I loved the characters. I had a book hangover for a week with that one! I remember when I finished it in the canteen at work, I just held it for a few minutes. I couldn’t believe what I had just read.

Definitely struggled with this one, but it was very fun to do. I don’t nesecarily tag anyone personally, just anyone who wants to do it. Please leave your link in a comment below and I’ll be happy to check it out.

Happy Reading


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