Prudence and the Crow

Hi There

After my little treat to myself to Carrie’s Bookclub Box, I had my arm twisted by Tash at the Bookie Monsters to get a Prudence and the Crow subscription, and as I was really bored in a queue to get on a Ferry I decided to get one. Very much a spur of the moment thing, and I completely forgot about having bought it until it arrived on my doorstop today. The subscription is £12 a month and with that you get a Vintage book, a handmade book bag, and a selection of goodies.


This was how it was when I arrived home from work. After a very tiring day of work, this was a great pick me up! The package was decorated really cool, with stickers on.


Inside the package was this little envelope with my name and the date of dispatch and a pretty little pattern. I have zoomed in on  my name because look how prettily this has been written!


The first thing I pulled out was the book and this little book bag, which will be great for carrying my books around in my bag without getting them destroyed by my keys! The bag is also the same size as my Kindle which again will be great when I’m out and about! The pattern is really lovely and it actually matching my handbag very well!


The Book was The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie. This was really surprising, of course I know that Agatha Christie is an old writer, but it didn’t occur to me that I would know any of the authors. When I was younger my mother used to read Miss Marple stories with me.


The next thing I pulled out was a little baggie with two post cards inside, literary styled of course, so I had Greetings from the Emerald City of Oz (from the Wizard of Oz) and Greeting From West Egg (from the Great Gatsby).

WP_20150814_012 WP_20150814_013

Then there was a striped bag that made me think of a sweet shop sealed with a bunny sticker which was very cute. And inside there was some more goodies:

Inside the bag there was two tea bags, Butter Mint from Twinings, which I look forward to trying. It sounds very christmassy if you ask me. And also Blackberry and Elderflower from Taylors, which sounds very refreshing. I was also sent another little postcard of what looks to be St Pauls Cathedral, some supermix, which I don’t think you can beat for sweets and then a cocktail umbrella, so I’ll have to get my cocktail recipes out and have a go at them!

And the final thing in the package was a library card, which was very cute. It reminded my of the Hogwarts Express ticket.


And that was it. The package was very cool, and I think I will get Septembers (as it is my birthday month, present to myself), and it was much better value for money than Carrie’s Book Club Box, but it is still quite expensive for what you get really. If you have had a Prudence and the Crow, or any other type of book box, please let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Happy Reading


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