Are We Nearly There Yet? by Ben Hatch


I bought this a few months when I did a Amazon Haul. I started it a while ago too, but something happened and I ended up putting it down for a while, but while I was on Holiday, I started reading it again. This is one of the best books I have read this year. Definitely in the Top Ten!

When Ben Hatch is asked to research a a guidebook on family friendly attractions in Britain, why not go the whole hog and take your family with you. After all, who better to judge family friendly attractions than a family. Hatch’s family consists of Dinah, his wife, and two under fours, Phoebe and Charlie, and of course the Vauxhall Astra diesel 1.1 Hatchback full of their worldly belongings.

Now as a child, my parents used to take my brother and me to France every year in a caravan Holiday. We were on the road for around four hours at a time and it usually took us a couple of days to get to our real destination, so I can imagine how cramped the car is, and I can imagine the tempers running high. They start off their journey with one of them driving and one reading the map, this is how my parents drove to France and I can tell you that since the purchase of a SatNav the journeys are much more pleasant.

This book was a perfect combination of everything! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me wince in pain, nod in shared experience. Mostly laugh, I was actually laughing out loud, at the point that on our car journey back home, my Dad told me I had to put the book down because my giggling was putting him off! I was really pleased with this book and I’m glad I stumbled upon it on my Amazon trails. In fact I loved the story so much that when I read the last sentence I hopped on the internet to find out if the family had gone on another road trip and to buy it when I discovered they had!

The book is interspersed with draft entries for the guidebook, which add a little bit more information about where they are  going, and even those had me chuckling, and it made me really excited to find that my home town is mentioned in the book, I would have liked to have read more about what they got up to in there, but the book was so full of different adventures, I wasn’t too disappointed.

I think my favourite thing about the book is how Hatch doesn’t leave anything out. There were parts in the book that he could have just left out because they didn’t fit in with the comical feeling of his life on the road, but to give a real view of his life he tells it all, and I really admire that.

If you are after a feel good book, that makes your sides aches from laughing but also makes you nostalgic and want to hug your family really hard and remember your family holidays, read this. In fact, I would say just read it anyway.

Five out Five!


What are your thoughts?

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