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I’ll Give You The Sun – The Monster Goddess Bookclub – September


It takes a lot of courage to be true to yourself, true to your heart. You always have bee very brave that way and I pray you always will be.

I can’t believe its been nine months since we started this little book club, that is how long it take to make a baby! Its still not to late to take part, as we still have three months left of the year, which means three more books. For each book we choose we have a theme, next months theme is a book with Dark Undertones, so what better book to pick than Bella and Edward’s favourite book, Wuthering Heights.

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I’ll Give The Sun by Jandy Nelson was a very interesting read. I had previously read another one of hers called The Sky Is Everywhere, and though the titles are similar, both of these were stand alone. This story follows twins, Jude and Noah in two different sides of an incident that affected them both severely. It is a very interesting way of telling the story, with the two main characters, despite being twins, telling their stories from different ages.

Despite the two year age gap both characters deal with coming to terms with something, which is particularly moving as Noah comes to terms with his sexuality and Jude comes to terms with the consequences of her actions as a 13-14 year old. It was a very odd set up for reading the book, as a character would be introduced with Noah’s story and then two years later the same character would pop up in Jude’s story.

Language however was definitely a barrier when it came to reading this book, the chapters are very long and the sentences were often very complex and also metaphorical. In fact the book was so metaphorical that at one point the characters actually has to tell the reader they are being serious. One thing I did find interesting was the books narrative as one character is walking toward something, and the other is walking away having already dealt with it.

I’m not sure if I can say anything else without ruining the book, so I think I shall leave it there.

I really did enjoy the story, and even got a little bit immersed in Noah and Jude’s world, so much so in fact that I was worrying on the characters behalf, and had to tell myself to calm down that I was not in that situation, it was Jude and Noah.

All in All I’m rating this 4 out 5.

You can find out how we are getting on next month on our Good Reads accounts:

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See you next month

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