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Dead and Buryd | Chele Cooke

A few months ago I took part in the blog tour of Teeth by Chele Cooke, a vampiric take on Pygmalion, and a book I thoroughly enjoyed! Now here I am again to take part in another blog tour for her new series Out of Orbit.

I read the first in the series, Dead and Buryd and wow was it good! I’ll share the synopsis with you and then my thoughts on the novel.

“You are an inmate, not a medic. You should get used to that.”

On the planet Os-Veruh, the native Veniche have endured a decade under the oppressive rule of a race of invaders, the Adveni.

When Georgianna Lennox, a Veniche medic, discovers her childhood friend has been sold into slavery, she seeks help from a revolutionary outlaw group.

As Georgianna’s struggle to save one life ignites a battle to liberate her homeworld, is she about to discover that it is better to be dead than ‘buryd’?

The book was a very interesting read, I enjoyed the fact that there wasn’t a teenage protagonist, and I liked how it was written in the third person. This was a very interesting choice as many dystopian novels are told from a teenage girls point of view.

I love the character of Georgianna, I thought she was a very well written and well formed character, it may have helped that she had curly hair! Though it could do with some more explanation  into the world of Os-Veruh, as I did find myself having to read parts over again trying to remember the different tribes if you will. But all in all a very good, very gripping novel that I can’t wait to read more of!

If you’re interested in these books there is a competition to win all three books in paperback plus a £25 Amazon gift card, just enter here!

You can also find more information about Chele, or ask her anything through the links below:





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 So I hope you enjoyed this little review. I hope to see more from this writer in the near future!

Happy Reading


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