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MGBC | January 2016 – New Year New Series


Well its the first Book Club meeting of the New Year! How did you all get on? What books did you read?

I chose Red Rising by Pierce Brown and I’m sad to say I didn’t manage to finish it or enjoy it.


I hope I will have more pleasure reading next months theme “Love is in the air. Read a romance”. Its not too late to join us, if you leave your interest and Goodreads account in the comments below and I will add you.

On to the Review!

Like I said before I didn’t really enjoy this book. The story was hard to follow, the characters were flat and hard to distinguish. I found myself having to keep going back to remind myself who was who. And the main character wound me up so much I just couldn’t enjoy it. I think my conversations with The Bookie Monsters sum up my thoughts on this book (there might be a few spoilers, but I only got through a quarter so there won’t be any real spoilers).


I didn’t like the main character, so I couldn’t identify with the book. The time and place contrasted with the language and I found it really hard to understand what they were saying. I think this is a book that needs perseverance and needs more than a month to read. I was disappointed with this book, so I hope I am not with next months.

I will see you later in the week for another post.


Happy Reading!


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