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Review | Room – Emma Donoghue


Wow. I can’t even explain to you how good this book is. I’m probably very late to get on this band wagon but wow. I did the unspeakable when it comes to Book Lovers and I saw the film before reading the book, but in my defence I didn’t know it was a book! But I honestly think anyone who is having doubts about whether to see the film after reading the book should pit those doubts to bed and go and watch the movie. It was very true to the book and I would have been pleased with the transformation.


5 year old Jack lives with his Ma in Room. He’s never been outside or worn shoes, but Ma takes care of him best she can. He believes the the things he sees in TV are not real and the Sun only exsists for an hour a day.

Ma’s real name is Joy and she has been held captive by Old Nick for seven years and now it’s time for the Great Escape.


The whole novel is narrated by Jack, which I found really interesting. It was really well written, as Jack is five years old, the description was really vivid and he talked in metaphors that made you feel like part of the family.

The characters were all really well developed, and you really come to care about all of them. It was especially interesting to see the characteristics Jack had given to the things in Room, Such as Bed and Table. And it was also easy to imagine yourself as Jack being in Room as Donoghue had done a brilliant job creating Ma and Jack’s world.

This is an important, life affirming, book that puts a smile on your face and make you weep tears of joy and sorrow in the same sentence, this is a book that should be read. I’m putting it up there with the Book Thief so you know it will be good as you all know how I rate the Book Thief.


Five out of five!


Happy Reading


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