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MGBC | Read a Romance – Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between

Well February is now over. The month of love is gone for another year. And we are now into another review for the Monster Goddess Book Club.


We have some followers with our blog this year, which I’m happy about, you can join us here. You don’t have to sign up every month or even read the books we do, just when you fancy our theme. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent from the good reads account, (lame excuse coming up) I’ve been ridiculously busy with work (and I’ve also just got into Game of Thrones, and I can’t stop watching!) but hopefully that will change over the next few months as I come to the end of my NVQ and I won’t be so busy.


On to the review!

hello goodbye and everything in between.jpg

Our theme this month was read a romance and we chose Hello Goodbye and Everything In Between by Jennifer e. Smith and I’m sad to say, after reading This is What Happy Looks Like, The Geography of You and Me and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and enjoying those immensely, I did not enjoy this read as  much, or at all really.


I found the story boring and predictable, and the characters were obviously designed to be opposites (because opposites attract) but it seemed to me they were too different, I didn’t see the reason why Aiden was fighting so hard for Claire when she obviously didn’t want to stay with him. The novel was summed up at the very beginning, Claire wanted to break up, and be damned if Aiden wanted to be the romantic one and stay together.


It seemed the characters were only developed to be the opposites of each other, and when a secondary development was needed, the author followed teenage stereotypes. I found them flat, and uninteresting. Maybe I’m just becoming cynical in my old age, but I didn’t find them remarkable at all.


I am really disappointed that I didn’t enjoy this novel, as I really wanted to. So sorry Jennifer, but I’m rating this 2 stars.


Next Month our theme is to read a vintage or a Classic, so I will be reading The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie  I hope to see you before then! Here are our Goodreads pages so you can keep up to date with our reading progress and connect with us!

The Bookie Monsters’ Goodreads

The Book Goddess’ Goodreads


Happy Reading


Hello Goodbye and Everything In Between was provided by Bookbridgr and Headline



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