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TMGBC | Read a Childhood Favourite

Happy May Day! Hope you’re all having a lovely “Spring”.

Back again with another book club meeting. This month was Read a Childhood Favourite, so we chose Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise 51SAQ6M3D1L.jpg

This was one of the first Teenage Books I ever read, and I remember my now Sister-In-Law lent them to me, and I wanted to be Georgia Nicholson. In fact I even found some old diary entries of my own when I was Georgia’s age and they are just as cringey.

Reading this book made me very nostalgic, and I nearly wet myself on several occasions. In fact my Lunch Buddy at work told me I couldn’t read it in her presence as I kept laughing to much.

I really enjoyed this months read, it was really easy to read, very funny and definitely heart warming. I’d just like to take a moment for Louise Rennison who enriched many teenage lives with insights into Georgia’s world, and who’s writing will be sorely missed.

Next month the theme is Read a Book Set In a Different World/Alternative Universe, so we will be reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. As always you can follow our progress on our Good Reads and if you want to Join in please sign . You don’t have to sign up every month or even read the books we do, just when you fancy our theme.

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