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TMBC | March and April

Hello there, sorry I haven’t been here for a while.  March was a very busy time for me with two assignments due within a week of each other and unfortunately, blogging had to be pushed to the back burner.

Before I get into the review, I will get to the admin.

This month the theme is Hitchhikers Guide to the Bookshelf – Read a book that is not set on Earth. There is still time to sign up  here! There’s no obligation to join in every month, so if one month does appeal to you more, you are very welcome to take part. You don’t even have to read our choice, just remember to leave a comment for which book you would like to read for the theme and leave a link to your review when it is published!

You can keep up to date and connect with us through our Goodreads Accounts which are listed below, and we look forward to seeing you in the discussions.
The Book Goddess’ Goodreads
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On to the Reviews!



The theme for March was Travel the World by Book and the official read was “A Man Called Ove” but we did have lots of other contenders. I didn’t manage finish it, again, but again from what I read I did enjoy. Personally I felt that A Man Called Ove was written for and about my own Grandfather. A miserable old man, who it turns out is just missing the structure and support his wife would bring to his daily life. When a young family move in next door, he unwittingly becomes their adopted Grandfather/run around and though he pretends, he really does enjoy it.

What I really enjoyed about this book was how it flitted in between the present and the past effortlessly, but noticeably. It was in a mournful but accepting way that he spoke about his memories as a child, young man and later husband. There were times I was howling with laughter at just how blunt Ove is, it must be a generation thing because my Grandad is the same!

4 out of 5.



And the last months theme was Read  Book Beginning with the Letter A and the official choice was A Place Called Here by Cecellia Ahern, and again we had lots of other reads that I will definitely be adding to my TBR list.

I really enjoyed a Place Called Here. I devoured it in a few days which I find you can with Ahern’s novels. This one was a supernatural idea of the place where missing things and missing people turn up. It was a very interesting concept, and one that I am likely to believe in myself now, as the people seemed so happy there. While Sandy Shortt (who is neither blonde, nor short) is looking for Jack Duttle’s missing brother, she finds herself missing, and its up to Jack to find her and bring her home. I really liked that is wasn’t a love story between a man and a woman, it was a love story of loving and finding yourself.  While Sandy is missing she begins to piece together things she has thought she had lost, and Jack begins to piece together his own life.

It really was a happy story in the end and I would recommend it to everyone.

5 out of 5

So, I will see you next month, if I don’t see you before!
Happy Reading!



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